Without a plan



The prompt for this lesson was a quote on creativity from Alan Alda (an actor known for M*A*S*H).  I’ve extracted just the part that feels most personally important: the “not quite knowing what you are doing.”  I’m so accustomed to having a plan, to knowing where I am going, how I’m getting there, what I need for the journey – literally and figuratively, acting from a place of confidence.  But it’s been clear to me for more than a year now that I need to do something new, and I’ve been totally stymied.  I don’t have a sure-fire plan all mapped out, I don’t know my route or my supply list, and so I never leave home (metaphorically).

I need all the encouragement I can find at this point to open the door and step outside, even without a plan (or a handkerchief!), even “not quite knowing what I am doing.”  I won’t get anywhere at all otherwise.

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