Trying Something New

The last art class I took was probably in high school. I don’t remember liking it much; in fact, I don’t remember much about it at all. I do still have the mouse I copied/enlarged with a grid technique (put a 1 inch grid over an existing work and render it square by square on a larger grid), but if there was more than that in a one semester class, I don’t recall. What I remember is going into class convinced I was no good at art and leaving class confirmed in that belief. Art was something you either had a talent for, or it wasn’t. End of story.

A million years later, I’ve enrolled in an online art class. I’ll get a video and assignment every day in 2017, something to explore, to try, to practice. I don’t expect I’ll keep up (and the instructor has thoughtfully provided a space for those of us who know we’ll be out of sync), but at the moment my intention is to do all the projects in order, regardless of what day they were intended for. If this class lasts for 2 years (or more!), that’s ok with me.

Why art, and why now? Because it’s time to try something new. Because I’ve been feeling stagnant. Because I’m not sure that I want to keep believing that I’m not any good at art. Because I spend a lot of time being rational and logical (left brain) and think maybe some push ups for the right brain might be in order.

cupcake flowers with pink clouds

Here’s my first project.  I call it “Flower Cupcakes with Pink Clouds”.  The bird was an afterthought, when I realized I’d mixed up too much purple for the cupcake frosting.  But he’s my favorite part.

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