Marching By

Things that happened in March:

  • Caitlyn played two roles, Mellifleur and Maudlin, in Robin Hood, her latest theatre production at Youth Theatre Northwest. She’s looking forward to Alice@Wonderland in the summer.
  • I finally managed to meet one of our homeschool goals, getting Caitlyn and I to SAM for Free First Thursday. This time we saw the Miró exhibit. Now, I just have to do it again!
  • The peas came up.
  • We saw a presentation of National Geographic Live: The Secret Life of Wolves. Caitlyn cried at the end.
  • I joined the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild, my first quilt guild membership ever. Either quilting is getting popular or I’m getting older. Last time I checked out a guild (in LA), I was the youngest person in the room. I don’t think I can say that now.
  • I declined a bundle of free fat quarters since the odds of me completing anything for the guild’s Modern Metalics Challenge are way long.
  • Caitlyn got to see PNB’s production of Pinocchio.
  • I finished binding SQGMar13.
  • I joined Instagram.
  • The sun came out.
    Exploring knee deep mud puddles
  • I made another drawstring bag.
    camera bag
    It’s all stashed fabric, including the remanent of fleece I used to give it extra cushiness for the camera that lives inside, which makes me happy.
  • I made a shirt for Ian.
    a new shirt
    The pile of fabric in the rocking chair is just a tiny bit shorter now.
  • Town Square Fabric & Yarn opened in Burien. I’m there on Fridays – come say hi!
  • I offered to crochet a sample for the shop. Could someone check that I’m feeling ok?
  • Stewardship Squad visited Cheasty at Mt. View. We mulched and moved some rocks.
  • I went on another Spring Cleaning binge. We’ve let go of some odds and ends that were just hanging around. I’m hopeful that this is the year we finally replace the light in our bedroom. I still think we should paint.
  • Caitlyn won the Juniors’ door prize at Rock Club.
    Caitlyn's first thunder egg She has her first thunder egg.


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  1. Wow, happy March! I had the same experience with our local guild when I joined many, many moon ago. Now I expect I'd be about the average age if I went back. Met lots of wonderful people and learned gobs about quilting and sewing from that group and expect you will do the same. Congrats on finally joining. It's a big step.

    I also attended a rock and gem show in March, but did not win a door prize, sadly. Caitlyn is one lucky girl, but then we already knew that as she got you and Ian in the parent lottery!

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