Harvest Time: Onions

How long do red onions keep? I suppose I could have left them in the drawer in the fridge to find out, but then I wouldn’t have this:
onion marmalade
Red Onion Marmalade! Actually, there’s only a very tiny amount of citrus in this at all, so I’m not sure it’s really a marmalade. But that’s what the recipe called it, so there you have it. It’s amazing with creamy, spreadable cheeses, layered on bread. I think we almost ate a whole jar in just one of our last farmers’ market picnics. Slightly tangy, slightly oniony, definitely sweet. Even the kids ate it.
pickled onions

The adults made the picnic marmalade sharper by layering on a scoop of quick pickled onions. These are also tasty in sandwiches (ooh… hummus and pickled red onions on fresh pitas…) but you should eat the sandwich soon. Don’t pack it – the whole thing gets uncomfortably soggy.


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