Harvest Time: Apples, part 2

The second picking from our apple tree did indeed fill the box again. As predicted, the apples were a bit bigger the second time, too.
What to do with them all? I mean, I’ve already done apple preserves and there’s still plenty of applesauce in the pantry. I’ve already baked more apple things beyond what we can eat, although I suppose a couple more batches of apple muffins tossed in the freezer would have been ok.
apple juice
I borrowed a juicer (thanks, Erin!) and we drank lots of homegrown apple juice. While tasty, I don’t think I’m going to pursue this option beyond the occasional season of desperation. I felt there was a lot of wasted fruit in making the juice (I think a traditional press would have less waste, but I’m not sure of that), and I think that would have bothered me if I wasn’t just trying to Deal With Apples.
apple pie filling
My favorite solution: prepping for pie. I now have about three apple pies worth of fruit in my freezer. This may be more apple pie than we can eat, although I’m sure Caitlyn is more than willing to give it a try. Fie on Nutrition! Let’s just all eat pie!


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