Harvest Time: Pumpkins

Some people grow enormous squash. This week at our farmers’ market, our favorite farmer brought in a squash so folks could guess its weight. It was a funny looking thing, about three feet long, a foot tall, just over a foot wide, with a all-over bumpy surface. I watched a man lift his son, then lift the squash, to better gauge the weight of the squash.

I guessed it to be 96 lbs. Caitlyn refused to guess, although she admitted to wanting one of the farmers’ market t-shirts that was the prize. The farmer told me (later, not near the squash) that my guess was a “little high”.

Of course it was. I only grow tiny squash.
The pumpkin on the right is about 4 inches tall.

You should see my butternut squashes. They are even tinier. Single-serve, even. Except I might be able to eat two of them.


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