Valentine’s Leftovers

jam thumbprint cookies
Turns out, when confronted with petite homemade cookies topped with cherry jam and Safeway bakery cupcakes with 1.5 inches of frosting, most second graders will choose the frosting. I can’t say they’d choose the cupcakes since many of them licked the frosting off and disposed of the unwanted cake.

Too bad I can’t bring myself to just bring cheap frosting and a bunch of plastic spoons to classroom parties.

I now have a large quantity of jam-topped sugar cookies. They go really nicely with tea. Does 4pm work for you?



  1. I've noticed that appalling tendency in kids myself – the cheaper and nastier the food the more it attracts them. Personally I find that icing nauseating but let's face it, most of those kids probably haven't ever had real home baking so they go with what they know.

    I'll be over shortly. I like my tea with milk, no sugar thanks!

  2. Yup, grownups do the same. I've noticed those sugar cookies with the neon pink/yellow frosting and sprinkles you can buy at any grocery store in clear plastic containers will fly right out of the grocery store containers while the homemade goodies carefully arranged on lovely platters linger after piano recitals and chorus performances. Crazy, isn't it?

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