Under-supervised Seven Year Olds…

… sometimes end up well-glittered.
Caitlyn with glitter
I don’t know if this was meant for faces/skin or if Caitlyn’s friends applied glitter glue to her eyelids. It took my dwindling supply of Mary Kay eye make up remover to get most of it off. And yes, it got in her eyes and made her cry.

But it looked really cool first!



  1. What a stunning photo though! She has beautiful eyes. Hazel and her friends sometimes get in to play makeup that people have given her for birthdays (I admit to thinking unkind thoughts about them at the time!) but the effect is more clown-like than fairy-like! And then there have been undersupervised painting incidents, and undersupervised use of dishwashing liquid, and… I know when I'm getting grumpy at them that it's more being angry at myself for not paying more attention!

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