And one more thing…

Once a week, Caitlyn goes to circus class. For the last several months, she’s worn knit pants and a t-shirt – easy to move in, safe around the equipment, and not too cold before warm ups. But it’s actually warming up and the pants are too hot. This has resulted in some rather unfortunate – to my eye – mid-class wardrobe adjustments. I do try to let Caitlyn make most of her own fashion choices, but this was looking ridiculous, not to mention uncomfortable.

So, I took what was left from the knit I used for the t-shirt from KCWC and went looking for some how-tos online. I found these really cute banded shorts at Create and Delegate, added the band length to the pattern bottom, and produced these:

circus shorts

One basic pair of circus shorts, made entirely out of things on hand. Caitlyn intends to wear them with the t-shirt, I think. I wonder how long that will last…


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