Not done yet!

A rough count, so far: 4 pts heavy cream 2 cups peanuts 7 11 oz bottles of corn syrup approximately 4 cups almonds approximately 4 lbs butter and a lot of sugar (Apologies for the less-than-thrilling photography. Yesterday, Seattle had it’s sixth darkest day of 2012, according to our local weather guru. Sure, it’s a dark time of the year, but our cloud cover is so thick that it basically looks like twilight all day long!) Save

If you need me

I’ll be in the kitchen for most of the month. The first batch has been beta tested and deemed a success. I’m still not sure what the final collections will include beyond the essential caramels and English toffee. I’ve got all of Grandpa’s candy books, which mostly means that nothing is impossible. Which leaves me with improbable amounts of sugar. Hooray! Save

Further experiments in knits

Remember this top? The one I made in a knits class with unshrunk fabric? I sent it off to my sister (who reports that it works fine for her) and I’ve finally got around to trying again. Ta-da! I pre-washed the fabric this time and happily the finished shirt still has lovely long sleeves. I’m not 100% sure I’ve got the fit right, but at least this one is wearable. The armscye might not be totally right and there might be too much fabric in the back. It’s hard to tell when I’m twisting around in front of a mirror …

Nothing Goes According to Plan

I was going to post more frequently this week. I was going to finish a project and start at least one other. And then this happened: Caitlyn got her wish. It has, however unlikely, snowed significantly on Seattle. Given that snow like this is unusual, everything around here shuts down. The train runs, but school is closed, and so are lots of businesses. It’s oddly felt like a Saturday, over and over again, every day this week. It’s still coming down now, although it’s shifted back to snow after a stint of sleet/freezing rain that’s left a sheath of ice …

Christmas Eve Snow

When we finally got around to marking the winter solstice last month, Caitlyn greeted it with the largest pout imaginable. “No snow!” I suppose she’s got it in her head that it snows regularly in Seattle because we’ve had snow for three years running, at least. We had snow in 2010, lots in 2009, and more in 2008. That’s three years in which enough snow for local sledding has come to Seattle at least once. Of course, there’s still the rest of January and February before the possibility of local snow gets so slim as to be essentially zero. So, …