Sew Grateful Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of my Sew Grateful giveaway! Fabric #1, the peach colored silk, is headed off to Commenter #24, Emily, who said: And Fabric #2, the lighter weight bronze silk, is off to Commenter #11, Laurie, who said: Congratulations to both of you! Your new fabric will be on it’s way on Thursday, since the post office is right next Caitlyn’s circus class. And thanks to everyone who commented. I think 30 comments is a high water mark for this here little space on Teh Interwebs. Thanks for stopping by! Do feel free to stop by again for …

Sew Grateful Giveaway Winners!

I’ve consulted with and we have our winners! First up, the McCall’s 9395 will go to Comment 3, from Miss Dolly Bow Peep: And the Butterick 3070 will go to Comment 5, from jqluo: Ladies, be on the look out for an email from me. And congratulations! Thanks to everyone who entered. And a welcome shout-out to everyone who stopped by and to everyone who decided to stick around for a while. I hope you like it here! Save

The Envelope, Please

It’s getting late on a Wednesday. The market run is done (more onions! apples! carrots!), Caitlyn’s off to bed, the kitchen is cleaned up, and we’ve opened up a pint of cider for the evening. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left a comment on the Charming Travelers giveaway. And thanks for all your kind thoughts about my 500th post! I’ve asked to select our winner. Congratulations to Commenter Number 3, Charlotte! I’m sending you an email shortly. And after KCWC, I’ll share what I made with the Travelers I chose from the pack! Save

Milestones and Giveaways

This is my 500th post. It’s not very exciting when I think that I’ve been blogging since 2000, earlier if you count our Germany Journal, but milestones deserve to be celebrated, yes? Also, I recently won a giveaway! Wasn’t I just saying that I never win anything? And now, twice in 3 months! So: Diane at From Blank Pages launched this clever thing a while back. Charming Travelers! It’s a charm pack (56 5×5 fabric squares) that she gave away on her site. The rules state that if you win the Travelers, you get to pick out whatever squares you …