A Most Epic Quilt Project

Ok, that’s a bit grandiose of a title. But wow, this project got big!
SQGMar14 Work in Progress
This is the quilt top for last March for Sew.Quilt.Give. March was my month to request block contributions. I asked for square-in-square blocks in a range of sizes with the vague idea that I could float them on point in a spacious background. I’d this quilt from Canton Village Quiltworks in mind, with a touch of this one and this one.

Next time, I really need to bust out the graph paper and turn those vague ideas into something concrete.

I started off putting a creamy neutral border on each block, to get them all to 12 inches. I made a handful of extra blocks with single squares. This brought the block total to 40, at which point I started trying to find a layout.

Again, wishing I’d drawn something first!

Also, forty 12 inch blocks, positioned on point, take up a lot of space. I even thought of making two quilts out the blocks.
SQGMar14 Work in Progress
And because I was still trying to get the floating look, I shashed the whole thing, so it’s even bigger.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a fine quilt. But it’s not the quilt that was in my head a year ago, not that I’m really sure now what that quilt was (have I learned to sketch out designs first, do you think?), so I’m a touch disappointed.

On the other hand, the quilt is getting closer to finished (I hope to have it quilted by the end of the month) and it will be a quilt big enough for a queen size bed. All Sew.Quilt.Give. quilts are destined for charity. Do any of my local readers know of a reputable charity who would be interested in a quilt for a teen or adult? I feel sort of silly handing this off to a children’s charity…



  1. My local quilt guild has a charity group that provides small lap quilts for children's charities but they also have given some larger quilts to deserving community groups of all stripes to raffle and the groups generally make decent money doing that. It's another way of giving in the community through quilting and makes sense for quilts that are too big for a small child to snuggle in.

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