Happy New Year!

Ok, so I’m late. It’s just so I can be sure that you hear my New Year’s greetings over everyone else’s.

I’ve got a stack of posts to write to share the last minute creating from December. My sewing corner is a big pile of stuff since I was making things (and coming up with more ideas for more things) and then abruptly stopped to focus on actual Christmas prep. I always feel that my version of Christmas dinner is a lot less complicated than the traditional turkey feast, but somehow I still spend two days before Christmas in the kitchen making it happen.

And I’ve just realized I never posted my November blocks for the Sew.Quilt.Give. bee.

I probably won’t write any sort of recap for 2012, and I don’t really have any sort of great plans to reveal for 2013. I’ve got lots of projects in various stages and there’s my pile of wardrobe improvement fabric. So, my only grand (sewing) plan for this new year is to finish things.

Of course, there will be garden things to start thinking of soon. (It’s seed catalog time!) And I’m the giddy recipient of the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, with ambitions of cooking everything in the book. There are candies I didn’t get to last month that might still happen. And there will be random updates from Caitlyn, who has spent a large part of her winter break reading Erin Hunter‘s Warriors series: staying up late reading, getting up early to read some more, finishing books in a couple of days. The English major and bibliophile in me is so pleased!

May 2013 be blessed for us all.

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