Everything in its Bag

Remember these?
Charming Travelers
They are the Charming Travelers that stayed here when the rest of them moved on to GrammieQ.

Want to know what I did with them? Or, at least most of them?

A project bag!
a project bag
See the tan floral-ish square in the lower right? That’s the charm that influenced all my choices. I used the blue colorway of this fabric to back a quilt a couple years ago. So the arrival of this other color meant I was going to do something that brought both colorways together.
a project bag
The blue version of the fabric is the lining inside the bag (which you can’t really see in these photos) as well as the fabric drawstring. I used 10 of the selected Charming Travelers for the outside and added in a couple other pieces from my stash. The bag is Jeni‘s Lined Drawstring Bag pattern, which I use all the time. I like bags, it seems.

I’ve put my cross-stitch project in this bag. Something about not having my portable projects in beat up, gallon size freezer bags makes me unreasonably happy.

(No pictures of the cross-stitch project; I expect it’ll take me years to do. Although maybe I should take a photo of it at the same time every year, like I mark Caitlyn’s height on her closet wall around her birthday every year. Should I mark the passage of Februaries in photos of my cross-stitch tiger?)


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