To be sure of hitting the target

Shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target.

I wasn’t slacking for all of August when it came to posting here, I was taking a break.

Well, I didn’t realize I was “taking a break” until someone else posted that they were taking a break as part of a formal challenge. (I suppose it’s not the break-taking itself that is the challenge but the feeling-ok-about-the-break-taking.) August is gone, a break was taken, and here we are stepping into September, fall, second grade.

I’ve a list of things to post about from the last month (blueberries, swords, our vacation, pears) and I’m looking forward to a September that (I hope) has more breathing space in it.


  1. Good for you! A break and/or some breathing room nearly always allows for a return with renewed enthusiasm. It was astonishing to me that you were posting about cherries in July. Here they are ripe at the end of May and we were in the middle of peach harvest while you were up to your elbows (literally) in cherries. Eagerly awaiting the new posts.

    1. Well, most of the cherry stuff happened in June and early July. I set up a bunch of posts while we were on vacation, so my timing might not have been strictly accurate! But everything starts later here, I think. There were still cherries in the market when we came home from our vacation and we're in the thick of peaches now. Tomatoes for canning arrive tomorrow!

    1. Thanks! I only wish this break had left me feeling refreshed or re-inspired. But I think it was mostly a break of necessity since August was so full of other things! School starts tomorrow… and perhaps that means a return to routine.

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