Summer Retrospective: Sword-Play

Caitlyn's got a sword!
Corrugated cardboard. Glue gun. Spray paint. Bling.

Caitlyn and I have been (slowly) working our way through Craftsy‘s Costume Box class. I always seem to think we’ll have more time over the summer than we actually do. Fortunately, Craftsy’s classes don’t come with specific time limitations so we can watch the class lessons whenever we have time. At the rate we’re going, we’ll maybe get one more project done before Halloween.

Caitlyn's got a sword!
Starting with the sword was Caitlyn’s choice. Of course, she also wants wings, crowns, cloaks, wands, a fairy skirt, armor and boot covers. I expect she’ll try to wear it all at once.

Caitlyn's got a sword!
She did the template tracing and chose which gems should go where. I did the cutting, spray-painting and the glue-gunning.

Caitlyn's got a sword!
The class has a lesson for a scabbard. I’m wondering if I can adapt it some how to wear it on the back, for an over-the-shoulder draw… So much cooler than a standard hip-belt.

Oh, and can I have a moment to be ridiculously pleased that she wanted a sword in the first place? She may be a fairy princess at heart, but she’s going to save herself, thank you very much.



  1. What a great idea! Hazel is more into dressups these days than she used to be and I think a sword would be just her thing – I must check this class out. For some reason I expected it would be the other way around. I don't know if you read Sweet Juniper, but he makes the most amazing dressups for his kids, worth a look even if most of them are a bit OTT for us regular folk 😉

    1. The class has a template for this straight broad sword, but the instructor really talks up going online for pictures of other swords and designing your own, pirate cutlasses and samurai katanas and so on. I suppose you could take the general concept and outfit an entire cardboard armory with sword, daggers and throwing stars. Hmm… I might be on to something here!

      Sweet Juniper is impressive! I think I'll stick to the cereal-box-paperboard breastplate, though, should we ever get around to making it. The littlest gladiator armor is amazing, but I think I'm a long way from custom embossing leather dress up clothes!

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