My Weekend

Things I did this past weekend:

  • spent 2 hours shoveling gravel into buckets as part of a work party in our local urban forest, Cheasty Greenspace at Mt. View. We graveled 75 feet of trail!
  • attended a showing of Once Upon a Circus, a production of the SANCA Youth Company. They attempted to tell fairy tales but kept getting the details mixed up. Favorite segments: the acrobatic seven dwarfs and Red Riding Hood’s aerial routine. The introduction skit mangling The Lord of the Rings was pretty awesome as well.
  • made a bag from In Color Order’s tutorial:
    drawstring baggie!
  • started the holiday sugar binge:
    first batch of caramels, 2011
  • complained a bunch about the sore muscles from yesterday’s shoveling
  • took Caitlyn to her first dress rehearsal for Spectrum Dance Theater’s holiday production of Alice in Wonderland
  • wandered around Urban Craft Uprising for the first time. Hmmm. Ideas to come.
  • watched the classic Disney Snow White with Caitlyn
  • took gratuitous pictures of the cat:
    Wasabi, alert

How was your weekend?



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