Birthday Skirts and Making Do

I didn’t finish them in time for Caitlyn’s birthday, but I did eventually finish the thrift store experiments, or at least part one of said experiments.

I had started out thinking I would make the dress version of Patterns by Figgy’s Tee for Two. But, as previously noted, there isn’t enough fabric lengthwise in an 5x large shirt to make a dress that wouldn’t be horribly indecent on my tall offspring.

I’d run into this t-shirt dress pattern a few times and almost made the Figgy’s dress as much as I could have and then added in tiers of contrasting cotton to get the proper length. In the end, though, I just made a shirt:

a shirt

And a skirt:

a pirate skirt

I’d read Filth Wizardry‘s how to make a pirate skirt over at Alphamom and had bookmarked it as a Cute Thing to Make. In keeping with the thrifted theme of the shirt, I didn’t go shopping for bandanas but used stash fabric (I think the bandana versions are cuter – go check them out!). Since I didn’t have enough of anything, the skirt ended up kinda patchworky, maybe even a little Harlequin. If I were to do it again, I think I wouldn’t alternate colors in the top band in the hopes it would come out a little more flower-fairy.

a pirate skirt?

Caitlyn doesn’t seem to mind. These are her favorite wardrobe pieces at the moment, although since she seems firmly in the New = Best camp, perhaps I shouldn’t read too much into that.


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