A Mom Moment

One of the blogs I’ve been reading lately has a weekly tradition of posting a single image on Fridays of a special moment from the week, something special the writer wants to “savor and remember”. I like the idea, but I’m not that handy or prolific with the camera (Ian takes a lot of the pictures for me), so I’m hesitant to sign up for making this a regular weekly thing for me. Also, it’s supposed to be without words, but I’m terrible at that, too.

this moment

On Christmas Day, we were joined by a guitar and a keyboard and several family members interested in song. After a round of carols, they moved on to some classics from the 1960s. I came out of the kitchen when I heard Caitlyn singing Puff the Magic Dragon with them, and promptly teared up watching her.

I guess that’s one of those mom things.

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