Yes, you can say anything you want with statistics. But I’m going to post this anyway:

why a salad costs more than a big mac

(Image from the
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Good Medicine via The Consumerist)

The American government subsidizes (makes it cheaper for a farmer to produce, and thus for the consumer to buy) meat more than other food items, despite the same government’s official recommendation that we all should eat more of the things it’s not encouraging the producers to produce.

This article has some good points about how the chart above visually distorts the data. But I think the point that the chart makers were trying to make is mostly about meat and not about the other categories. The meat/dairy industry receives 74% of the agricultural subsidies, when we’re really only supposed to eat 6 servings of protein per day. Really, it’s no wonder we Americans eat too much meat. It’s the only thing some of us can afford to buy.

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