I like feather pillows. But they never seem to stay sufficiently lofty, ending up all flat and rather pointless to sleep on. So, we buy more pillows, and put the old, unlofty ones away (since I appear to have inherited my grandmother’s inability to throw things away, something that conflicts with my desire to simplify and tidy, which I think comes from my mother).

So, what does one do with old, flat pillows you can’t bring yourself to throw away? Consolidate, of course!

It’s an easy-peasy sewing project, all rectangles and straight seams. One I probably should have used stash fabric for, since I have a bit, but I bought some broadcloth instead. I think the whole project took a little over an hour. The hardest part: getting the feathers from the old pillows into the new pillow without getting feathers all over the room. As it was, there were a lot of feathers all over me.

homemade pillow

There. New, lofty feather pillow. Next step: discover if I made it too big for the pillow case!

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