We caucused (is that a word?) today. Caitlyn thought “the tacos” was much fun. She got to sit on parental shoulders, and there was lots of applause, one of her favorite things judging from the enthusiasm with which she stopped whatever she was doing and joined in whenever she heard some.

I’d never been to a caucus before. Maybe it was the elementary school gym we were in, but it felt a bit like a pep rally: that old-gym smell, barely audible instructions, inaudible speeches, spontaneous chants. I missed the cheerleaders’ dance number, which was always the best part of those rallies in high school. At least this was a more productive gathering than a pep rally. Not being a popular person or a football fan in high school, I couldn’t say if all the pep generated by rival chants of “Freshmen!” and “Seniors!” had any influence on the final score of the football game that weekend. As for the caucus, I can only pray that this rally was another step toward Hope and Change for this country.

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