Summer Journal: Homegrown Cherries

The cherry tree in the backyard has been busy. It’ll be a good crop, if we could get just a tiny bit less rain… some of the fruit is molding before I can get it off the tree. But the birds are happy, as is the skinny squirrel I startled out of the tree the other morning. I do wish the critters would eat the fallen cherries first, though, leaving me the ones in the tree. Lots of cherries are out of my reach, guys; there will be plenty for all of us! Save

Not about sewing at all

I keep meaning to get out side with the camera and show off the garden, but it’s just not happening. Meanwhile, the garden isn’t slowing down. It’s a real spring this year, and things are off to a good start. In the backyard, the peas are close to 10 inches tall. The potatoes are in and sprouting; it’s actually almost time to add some more soil around the new plants (more soil depth now equals more potatoes later). So far, I’ve remembered to keep the carrot seedlings watered. The basil and squashes I started in the sunroom last month are …

Spring Flowers

It’s been raining for ages here. But the sun is out today, it’s thinking about being warm-ish, the flowering trees are gorgeous, our fruit trees are about to bloom, and there are flowers about. Every autumn I love the change in the season, thinking “This is my favorite time of year!” only to think the same about spring, six months later. Hoping your day is lovely, too, where ever you are! Save

Two Garden Days

Last Friday, the sun came out. It’s probably only a temporary thing. We usually get a patch of sunny, warm(ish) weather in February before returning to rain and gray for months. As one of the other mothers at the bus stop said, “I forget it’s only February and, well, March, April and May will just suck.” But while it lasts, it’s glorious. Caitlyn, of course, thinks this means that the groundhog didn’t see his shadow on Thursday and spring and summer will be arriving early. (I haven’t gotten around to telling her he did.) She’d be happiest if we could …

Grape Harvest

I’ve brought in the fifth or sixth basket of grapes last week, wrapping up this year’s grape harvest. For something I planted for summer shade and fall color, all these actual grapes are an unlooked for bonus. Funny how blue they look when outside on the vine, like I was growing some weird grape leaf/blueberry fruit hybrid. We still have grape jelly from last year’s harvest in the pantry, so this year whatever we couldn’t just eat fresh either went into the dehydrator to be converted to raisins or cooked down enough to be juiced. I have a bit of …