Summer Journal: Strawberries

Strawberries from our garden. We eat them with breakfast, sometimes for dessert, sometimes when no one is looking. Caitlyn thinks our plants will make enough for jam. She’s probably right, if the ripe berries from today could be held in perfection for a couple of weeks. Since they can’t, we’ll eat them instead. Oh, darn. Save

Gathering Moss

When I was a kid, my family moved houses exactly once. I was 4, and I only remember the important bits: wrapping my plastic doll dishes in newspaper just like my grandmother wrapped the dishes in the kitchen and dancing like a crazy 4-year old around the For Sale sign in the front yard. I “moved” again, for the first time, when I went off to college. From then on, I moved a lot, assuming you count every time in and out of a dorm room a “move”. Once a year, sometimes twice. Halfway out of student housing post graduation, …

Not Here Now

So, I’ve not been here lately. ::hangs head:: I’ve been doing a lot of work for Stash’s website and online presence lately. If quilty things are your cup o’ tea, stop by and check it out. I’m also taking an online class right now… more on that later, probably. The rest of it is just regular, ordinary life stuff (laundry! meals! mowing! bookkeeping!). It seems that lots of bloggers lately have been writing about how their lives are not as perfect as their blogs make it appear (“Look! My sewing corner is a mess, too!”). Kudos to those who can …

Rice Krispies Can’t Fix Everything, and A Favor

A few days ago, I attempted some cinnamon divinity. It’s a light and airy candy, just a little on the dry side. It falls apart in your mouth like some after-dinner mints or a meringue cookie. I goofed somewhere on this batch. Possibly, I didn’t beat the eggs whites enough, or maybe I didn’t heat the syrup to a high enough temperature (the recipe said 155 degrees, but the thermometer markings suggest I should have held out for 160 degrees). Or maybe I was worried about over-beating like I did the opera cremes in December and so didn’t beat it …

Valentine’s Leftovers

Turns out, when confronted with petite homemade cookies topped with cherry jam and Safeway bakery cupcakes with 1.5 inches of frosting, most second graders will choose the frosting. I can’t say they’d choose the cupcakes since many of them licked the frosting off and disposed of the unwanted cake. Too bad I can’t bring myself to just bring cheap frosting and a bunch of plastic spoons to classroom parties. I now have a large quantity of jam-topped sugar cookies. They go really nicely with tea. Does 4pm work for you? Save